Toire wa doko desu ka?

Tokyo and Fuji – 2013

Day 14 – Tokyo Skytree, and Headed Home

The next morning, JB and walked to the Tokyo Skytree, which we had been wanting to do for some time (since we kept seeing it from everywhere we went). The … Continue reading

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Day 13 – Kappabashi Street and Akihabara

The next day brought us to another day of visual over-stimulation, but in a good way.   Just a few streets to west of where we were staying was Kappabashi-dori, … Continue reading

July 24, 2013 · 5 Comments

Day 12 – Headed back to Tokyo (Asakusa)

After a long bus ride back to Shinjuku, we again had all our bags and the fun of navigating the subway system to get to our next and final location … Continue reading

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Day 11 – Second Day of Fuji Hike (the upper half)

So, after (in theory) sleeping – just resting our bodies mostly, we got up around 2:30 AM to start our next leg.   We didn’t care about being at the … Continue reading

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Day 10 – First Day of Fuji Hike

You will probably hear other people talk about hiking Mt Fuji.  Most people hike it by driving up to the 5th station, which is about halfway up the mountain, and … Continue reading

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Day 9 – Arrival in Fuji-town (Kawaguchiko)

The next morning, check out was early and we had a lot of luggage to move again (always the worst part of any foray).   So the first part of … Continue reading

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Day 8 – Odaiba, and back to the Park Hyatt

We started our journey to Odaiba by trying to see if we could find the Honda walking robot (ASIMO).   We did manage to find the Honda building, but the showings … Continue reading

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